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1. Ainslee
Gaelic /Girl
Gaelic surname derived from a place Ainsley. Variations: Ainslie. (AINZ-LEE)
2. Aislin
Gaelic /Girl
3. Almili
Gaelic /Girl
Work; Gaelic form of Amelia, which is an English variant of the Germanic Amalia. (AIM-EE-LEE). (AIN-JEH-LAH)
4. Annag
Gaelic /Girl
Gracious; full of grace; Gaelic form of Anna. (AN-NAH)
5. Barabal
Gaelic /Girl
Foreign woman; Gaelic form of Barbara. (BAHR-AH-BAHL)
6. Bearnas
Gaelic /Girl
Bringer of victory; Gaelic form of Berenice. (BEAR-NUS)
7. Beitidh
Gaelic /Girl
God is my oath; Gaelic form of Betsy and Betty which are pet forms of Elizabeth. (BEH-TEE)
Gaelic /Girl
Bringer of blessings and joy. (BEE-TIH-RIS)
9. Beth
Gaelic /Girl
Breath of life; also short for Elizabeth
10. Brighid
Gaelic /Girl
Believed to be derived from the Celtic element Brigh (strength) and from breosaighead (fire arrow) and to an ancient tribe called the Brigantes, who lived in northern England. Ang: Bridget. Var: Bridget, Brigit, Bride

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